Solidarity Sisters

What’s a Solidarity Sister you ask? Its women (or the men that love them) that strive for success and help other women in their journey to success, while working to make the world a better place. What kind of success you ask? The answer is any. Whatever your idea of success is we want to help you get there. Whether that’s a happy family, marriage, education, career, friendships, community action were your team. Join us in making the world better for you and everyone in it!

Our Solidarity Sisters

#thatsjacqueline All my life I’ve heard one thing over and over in reference to me. That’s Jacqueline. It’s said when I do something seemingly crazy, like take on a new industry and make it work differently for me than it has for anyone else. It’s said when I voice an opinion others are afraid to speak up about, but wish they had. It’s said when I crawl up out of the ashes like a Phoenix or Mother of Dragons after what appeared like a fail. I have learned to embrace the part of me that is unique, different and un-quantifiable. I invite you to do the same. This gave birth to a massive social media following that demanded a blog and podcast. I complied. I invite you to come discover and discuss with me what’s on your mind, weighing on your heart, or gives you joy at

Stephanie Quilao

Stephanie Quilao AKA Bern Identity

Stay tuned for bios of fellow Solidarity Sisters

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