The Many Faces of Elizabeth Croydon and the Puppeteers – The Evolving Summary

When Elizabeth Croydon came out with sexual harassment accusations against Shahid Buttar, I felt compelled to offer insight into what kind of person she was. Having had personal experience with her making false accusations against myself, my close friends, and acquaintances for attention and self promotion; I doubted her credibility in this claim.

I decided that I could not stand by quietly and watch as she tried to destroy a campaign for her own entertainment. I chose to speak up about my experiences and the experiences of my friends. This resulted in a six-part series that is ever-evolving due to the dozens of people who have since come forward to me through messenger, email, tweets and calls since my first article. Each person with their own story, each with the right to be heard.

While investigating Elizabeth’s claims, I had a surprising personal experience with Shahid Buttar’s former campaign manager, Jasper Wilde. This interaction brought her timing into question when she came forward with her “misogynistic claims” against Shahid. I quickly began to see a suspicious pattern evolve concerning the coordinated release to the press of claims Jasper Wilde made that were perfectly timed in concert with Elizabeth Croydon’s claims.

The article link below details how Gloria Berry was contacted by Emily Jones one of Shahid Buttar’s former staff stating that former staff and DSA members had contacted Elizabeth Croydon, and she was putting her piece on Medium. This shows the orchestration I mention forthcoming.

I have known Emily Jones for over a year, and she has always expressed hatred for Shahid Buttar behind his back. In February, I gave her a ride home one day, and to my surprise, she told me she was going to work on his campaign. She told me she needed the money, when I questioned it. I also question that, as a volunteer for the campaign, I never seemed to see her in the office doing any work. I did see her doing a lot of gossiping.- Direct quote from Gloria Berry’s Article

Many people started to come forward to me with claims about Jasper having orchestrated these claims out of malice towards Shahid. I had a personal suspicion after a conversation I had through messenger on Twitter with Jasper Wilde on July 21, 2020 that she wasn’t to be trusted. This was only confirmed when days later she claimed through a tweet to have no reason to doubt Elizabeth Croydon despite me having provided her evidence to the contrary.

Jasper Wilde intentionally misled me in messenger to believe she was still Shahid Buttar’s campaign manager. Then she intentionally misled the public into thinking she had no evidence to doubt Elizabeth. I only learned the truth when contacting Shahid’s campaign directly to inform them that I had dealings with Elizabeth Croydon that were concerning, and I had heard she was going to go public with her claims through a text she had sent to one of her prior (alleged) victims.

Given the seriousness of these claims and what they can mean for this election and the people of this county, I decided to be the voice for those who are afraid to speak for themselves. The story keeps evolving as more come forward. I have a list of people who are still asking to be heard. I’m trying to make sure no one feels like they were forgotten in this.

This summary will evolve as the stories evolve so check back here to see the updates and links I will provide.

My first public response is in the screenshot below. I chose to write a story then to elaborate on the issue that was posed when we publicly crucify the accused before gaining all the facts.

On July 25, 2020 I published my first part of a 6-part series about Elizabeth Croydon’s ever growing list of victims. I wrote about my experience with her to start.

Next came the story of my friend, the publicist, who lived in fear of Elizabeth. She chose to not release her name. It speaks about accusations she had made about a well known celebrity as well to many people.

After part 1 released, I was contacted by Stacey Haines, who had a nightmarish tale about Elizabeth Croydon sexually harassing her in the same manner Elizabeth had claimed Shahid Buttar had harassed her. Her account was almost verbatim to Elizabeth’s claims.

Stacey Haines story could almost be it’s own book and so therefore I had to continue it into part 4 just to cover the span of the abuse she (allegedly) endured under Elizabeth Croydon.

During this time, I was contacted by over two dozen more people who wanted to share their #ElizabethCroydon story. It started to feel like a movement of people speaking up who were previously afraid to speak up out of fear of retribution from Elizabeth. They all begged me to write for them what they were afraid to write for themselves. Ethos was one of those who had suffered and wanted relief. Her story is part 5.

I wish I were done with this story or that it could be done with me. However, I believe that the truth is so important — too important to ignore. Specifically when what lies in the balance is the fate of millions who will be effected by a good, progressive candidate being removed from the playing field due to false accusations. Elizabeth’s victims go beyond directly affected individuals. They also include those who won’t see progressive policies become reality if Shahid Buttar doesn’t get elected; and if those like him are terrorized out of the race by false accusers in the future. As is often the case, shortly after this, I saw another candidate Alex Morse get attacked in the same way. Here are my comments on Morse’s and Shahid’s cases being eerily similar, as well as the consequences of allowing these kinds of smear campaigns against candidates to continue.

I will be adding to the summary as I continue to cover the other stories of those that have come forward against Elizabeth Croydon and those that have come forward with information about Jasper Wilde’s intentions in launching this coordinated, politically motivated campaign hit job. Please check back for updates and leave comments about anything you think I can clarify.

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Medicare for All vs. Obamacare-Why we need an upgrade

Talking points-

Financing- If you can find money to kill people you can find money to help people

Gives a fifth of the economy back to the people. No longer will Insurance Companies and big Pharma hold us hostage. *Corporate America Shakes

People are forced to gamble with their health and futures

People Stay in dead end jobs because changing jobs would mean coverage gaps. Insurance gaps kill. Preexisting conditions may not be covered by next plan.

Current Insurance carriers have no incentive to work for the publics good with no protections in place for consumers. Power strongly tilts in the favor of insurance and big pharma companies

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Socialism- Is it still a bad word?

The Path of socialism and why I believe a version of it must be adopted if we’re to survive.

Talking points

– FDR’s A New Deal

-Bernies Sanders- A New Green Deal

-Love thy neighbor approach

Because only all that we love is on the line- Nina Turner

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