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This club was created in support of a Clubhouse club to network and learn about #Clubhouse and other Social Media Platforms. Everyone that goes in has an opportunity to introduce them self when called upon and to get followers on #Clubhouse #Instagram and #Twitter. Daily Prizes will be given to support you on your journey to growth.

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Check out our schedule of rooms and their topics here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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Learn about Clubhouse on our Website, Instagram, FB Page, Twitter Page, Medium Articles, TikTok Videos, and YouTube Videos

MEDIUM– I have dropped an article below that I wrote in medium about some tips to follow for clubhouse to help you grow your following and your influence please give it a read. Every week I will be writing a new article with new tips that I have learned from being on clubhouse and will be publishing it so make sure you follow me on #medium to get those updates. https://link.medium.com/2XpAzboORcb

FACEBOOK– Come learn about clubhouse and other social media in our FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/434011037965307/

WEBINAR- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fire-club-branding-your-social-media-for-success-tickets-138523703125

YOUTUBE– Finesse in the group will be doing a YouTube video to explain some of the basic features we will drop that link in here when it’s complete.

TIKTOK-We also have plans for me to do daily TikTok tips. https://vm.tiktok.com/V6oAM3/

All prizes will be posted on my Instagram http://instagram.com/thatsjacqueline for you to look at. To qualify for prices you must be following all the mods on both their Clubhouse and their Instagram and comment in the giveaway picture and must be present in the room at the time of the giveaway

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with all of our moderators I will be updating this page with their information below throughout the evening. Understand this website page is a labor of love and has been put up in record time and branded to show what we can do together when we work as a team. I truly believe#WeRiseTogether. Since I am working on this website in real time as the room is in progress you will see updates throughout the day on this website. Please be patient as I build it and check back often since I will have updates and exciting new offers here including adding in the links to many professionals in your area as we meet them in the room.

🔥Fire Club Moderators🔥

Founder and Host of Fire Club-Jacqueline Thompson AKA That’s Jacqueline

Jacqueline Thompson AKA That’s Jacqueline has a Life & Politics Podcast & Blog and is the owner of Socialize Media a Social Media Management company. As a social media strategist Jacqueline works with influencers, brands, businesses, and investors creating national and global campaigns. Jacqueline works her magic transforming their social media and online presence to perfect their messaging and influence to a global audience. She has worked on campaigns such as #GettheVoteOut, The Climate Center, #GettheVoteOutGA, Jason B Windsor, #PlantATree, Her Environmental and Social Justice projects are ones that she is most passionate about. She Truly believes #WeRiseTogether as human beings living on the same planet and has dedicated her life to making that a better place for all.

James Davin Co-Host

James Davin is an activist and student of Environmental & Social Policy. His work on political campaigns, non-profit arenas, and as a social media & digital strategist for Socialize Media and other firms bringing brand recognition and promoting their message to the world has been a meaningful part of his mission to promote environmental awareness.


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Sekinah Jackson, is the author of romantic suspense, erotic romance and a poetess. She first fell in love with writing in the eighth grade, and has since contributed to an anthology dedicated to black men, “Loving The Black Man: An Anthology” as well as shared her poetry in spoken word form at events throughout her community.


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🔥Past Episodes of Fire Club🔥

I try to sprinkle value every I go. Today in the 🔥Fire Club🔥on the clubhouse app I talked about living using a value driven method in your social media marketing and business relationships. Here is my personal definition of what that means.

Subtraction ➖ method is when you actually take away from the value of someone else in an attempt to elevate your self or your business. It may work in the short term but it never works in the long term. I instead recommend the VALUE DRIVEN METHOD where you add ➕value to all you come in contact with. This in turn attracts value to you.